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About the application and features of the electrod

Posted time:2017-03-30

The electrode paste is also called self baking graphite electrode. Electrode paste itself is a kind of conductive materials, the consumption of electrode paste and roasting speed. Due to the development direction of -arc furnace is gradually developed to the direction of large-scale, MiBiHua, so improve the sintering performance of electrode paste is particularly important.
Electrode paste the two technical problems of the most taboo is hard and soft fault. The so-called hard broken is due to the electrode paste itself after the furnace sintering itself due to insufficient strength of the consumption of fast, fall off wait for a. Compared with hard, soft broken more terrible. Of electrode paste during sintering nowadays -arc furnace electrode paste consumption too fast, and no electrode paste on sintering yet. Electrode paste down too fast, and the upper electrode paste tension is not enough, small damage to the furnace body, big big accidents!
Electrode paste production is mainly divided into two steps: the ingredients and kneading. Electrode paste main raw m aterial of modified pitch, the electric exercise anthracite coal, petroleum coke after forging, this is the latest formulation of electrode paste. Than the original training first anthracite coal, electricity forging anthracite resistance is 70% less than the former, small compared with petroleum coke coal tar after forging resistance by 2.5 times. Although at the cost of raw materials, but for production enterprise efficiency raised, reduces the cost, is also beneficial for enterprises!


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