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Carbon, accelerating technological innovation indu

Posted time:2017-03-30

In 2013, carbon industry situation
In 2013 in the carbon industry development strategic planning will be guided by the scientific concept of development, with international and domestic market demand as the guide, with carbon industrial structure adjustment as the main line, to emerging industries such as high-end manufacturing and new energy technology of new carbon materials increasingly vigorous development needs, research and development of new products, extension of carbon chain, injected strong vitality to the sustainable and healthy development of national economy.
Although carbon material USES more and more widely, especially carbon new material research and development and wider application fields. However, the long-term low level repeated construction and industrial structure highly TongGouHua will lead to overcapacity. In the competitive market economy tide, the strong survive, the weak to be eliminated, is the inevitable law of market economy.
As the party s eighteen big ihfo, carbon industry in 2013 is expected to slightly improved with the steady increase of national economy, but the improvement is not obvious, the extent of economic increase is not too big.
In 2013, carbon industry development countermeasure
First, accelerating technological innovation, and stronger carbon in China. Future competition is the competition of science and technology, product quality competition, is the modern management level of the competition. Therefore, carbon enterprise should adhere to the scientific concept of development, grasp the law of economic development in the new period, the focus of the development of the "technological innovation, resource conservation and environment friendly" track, the industry product to turn their attention from increasing the amount of quality and structure optimization.
Second, the formulation and implementation of the industry access conditions, low level repeated construction. Waste of money, waste of resources, low level repeated construction, is the current development of carbon industry in China a big problem in the road, is the stronger source of carbon industry in our country, must be curbed, and to control from the source. Also, making carbon industry access conditions, and examination and approval by the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and other departments and enacted.
Third, adjust the industrial structure, focus on developing new carbon materials. The development direction of carbon industry in China in the future should be to do fine and stronger traditional carbon products, strong research and development production of new carbon materials, catch up with developed countries, to make our country carbon power as soon as possible, to adhere to the scientific concept of development, increase investment in science and technology, the key research development and production of high-tech content and high added value of high purity graphite, high strength/density graphite, isotropic graphite, pyrolytic graphite and recrystallized graphite, graphite interlayer compounds, carbon fiber and its composites, fuller, nano carbon, carbon carbon materials such as graphene.
Fourth, to speed up the high quality raw materials research and development production. R&d and production of high quality raw materials mainly include the following three aspects: one is the high grade graphite electrode of needle coke raw materials, to achieve full localization as soon as possible.
Second, carbon fiber and its composite material high-grade raw silk and isotropic graphite materials developed gay pitch coke and localization. Three is the prospective development of inferior the improved technology and application of high sulfur petroleum coke.


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