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The characteristics of graphite crucible

Posted time:2017-03-30

Graphite crucible with good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, at high temperature in use process, small thermal expansion coefficient, the thermal shock, quenching has certain strain resistance. Of acid and alkaline solution of strong corrosion resistance, excellent chemical stability.
Graphite crucible, because has more excellent performance, so in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical and other industries, has been widely used in alloy tool steel smelting and smelting of nonferrous metals and their alloys. And has a good technical and economic effect.
Domestic production of graphite crucible technology level has reached or even exceeded imports crucible, high-quality domestic crucible has the following features:
1, graphite crucible, high density makes the crucible has the best performance of thermal conductivity, the thermal effect is be tter than other imported crucible;
2, graphite crucible are special glaze layer and the surface density of the molding material, greatly improve the corrosion resistance, prolong its service life;
In graphite, graphite crucible, three components are all made of natural graphite, thermal conductivity is very good. Graphite crucible heated not immediately put it in cold metal table, in order to avoid it because of the rapid cooling and rupture.
Much less species number of alloy melt is most suitable for use of crucible. If you want to change the types of alloy, you just need to exchange of graphite crucible. Other fusion methods like reverberatory furnace and crucible induction furnace for melting, suitable for single alloy melt in great quantities, if transform melting alloy type, if you don t change the lining refractories, metal pollution will happen.


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