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The usage of graphite blocks in industry

Posted time:2017-03-30

Graphite is one of important nonmetallic material, with the development of the graphite block processing technology, it is becoming more and more widely, the application scope of pingdingshan tianbao carbon manufacturing co., LTD., has been engaged in the development of high purity graphite, makes every effort to further on in the production process of graphite block, graphite blocks we blocked according to the general industrial specifications for different graphite materials and materials.
Graphite blocks were processed into different graphite processing parts, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, electronic, food and other industrial sectors, especially the graphite boat on the electronic semiconductor technology, crucible, electric heating element and solar photovoltaic industry in the production of monocrystalline, polycrystalline equipment.
Graphite blocks in the machining process characteristics are the following:
1. According to the requirement of the industry with high quality low ash content of graphite, carbon content is 99% ~ 99.95%.
2. Pay attention to the high temperature resistance of graphite blocks, we know that high purity graphite and isostatic pressing graphite graphite materials of high-quality goods, high temperature resistant performance is better than other metal materials, but pay attention to the application of graphite pieces environment, pay attention to the oxidation of the graphite, at room temperature only under inert gas can achieve the ideal effect of high temperature oxidation resistance.
3. Fold the compressive resistance of the products and granularity, although by the graphite block processed into graphite has good thermal shock effect, but in the specific application also notice this.


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