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Profile carbon industry in our country

Posted time:2017-03-30

On October 30 to November 1, tianjin s sixth national petroleum coke - carbon chain industry on the BBS, the participating experts point out that carbon industry should make full use of a by-product of petroleum and coal resources in our country, special carbon materials production technology breakthrough the bottleneck, expand the application areas of carbon materials.
Experts attending the meeting unanimously emphasized that the high-end carbon material industry development in our country has the resources advantage. Coal tar, for example, the current production for 12 million ~ 12 million tons, accounting for about two-thirds of global output, is the world s coal tar pitch and the biggest supplier of coal chemicals, but only 500 more than ten thousand tons of coal tar actual manufactured in our country, small and scattered processing device to a single set of ability, so the use of coal tar deep processing of special carbon material has very big development space.
Tianjin jin ZangWenPing carbon materials science and technology development co., LTD. General manager, is of great importance to conquer ratio of raw material selection and development of special carbon material, raw material preparation, large size billet key technology such as dipping, purified graphitization treatment. At present our country only a few enterprises can produce isostatic pressing graphite, but in such aspects as product quality, performance and specifications of large gap with foreign products, nuclear graphite most dependent on imports; Used in the production of high power graphite electrode and ultra high power graphite electrode needle coke annual output is 50000 tons, only the market share is low; Can be used in the production of lithium ion battery materials, intermediate phase of high performance composite carbon microsphere material less because of high technical requirements, production enterprises, the price is as high as 180000 yuan/ton, greatly limits the development of related products. In addition, used in biomedical and globular activated carbon in the field of photovoltaic industry and material such as asphalt base carbon fiber production process also needs to be improved.
Chinese carbon industry association executive vice President, senior engineer Chen guoqiang believed that although our country special carbon materials in the production process, equipment, product specifications, quality, etc, have made great progress, but high-end products used for the special carbon materials production technology level and European and American developed countries still have large gap, not only the small production scale and product level is low. His introduction, special carbon material is in the current industry new materials, one of the fastest growing and most promising new materials, has become indispensable to the world of high performance engineering materials. Special carbon material is not only widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery and other traditional industries, but also can be used in aerospace, new energy, communications, emerging industries such as biotechnology, especially the isostatic pressing graphite material, the battery is used in solar silicon, the fourth generation of nuclear reactors, edm, manned key materials in the field of aviation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, etc.


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