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The development of carbon industry

Posted time:2017-03-30

Carbon industry leading products - graphite electrode is a steel, machinery, chemical industry, electric furnace smelting indispensable conductive material, with the development of science and technology, national defense, and other areas of the tip, the application of graphite materials is more and more widely. Carbon products industry in the national economy has been in the position cannot be ignored.
However, carbon industry has been developing in a spot for a long time, the market supply, the overall trend of graphite electrode prices have been faltering, and the upstream products of petroleum coke, coal tar, coal, electricity, etc. The price of raw materia  ls, energy has been in a wave after wave of price increases, electrode production cost has reached to the degree of carbon production enterprises overwhelmed. The vast majority of carbon production enterprises on the brink of small profit and loss (less part of the enterprise to produce high-end products are now better benefit) nearly a third of the enterprise is in red.
Since 2006, with the rapid development of national economy, domestic and international iron and steel, nonferrous metal smelting industry, the development of relative about such as graphite electrode pre-baked anode carbon products demand, especially in 2007 countries did not include carbon industry in energy intensive and highly polluting industries, and retain the carbon products export tax rebate policy, thus greatly stimulates the production of carbon products. 1 - in October 2007, according to industry graphite electrode production rose 35.19% from a year (does not include not enter the enterprise of industry under centralized statistics).
Relatively loose policy and since this year, the national economy from becoming overheated and to make the construction and production of carbon industry appeared the phenomenon of overheating, the healthy development of carbon industry has brought great hidden trouble, the current problems existing in the development of serious cases, their performance is as follows:
One, the capacity is greater than demand, and often appear low unsalable phenomenon, however, many enterprises are still in the expansion, increase production, more and more new carbon enterprise and project. Due to not listed in the state restricts the development of carbon industry enterprises, and continue to enjoy tax rebates subsidies, and appeared since the beginning of the year the situation of supply and demand in the short term, the vast majority of carbon industry headed by large and medium-sized are planning to expand production capacity, increasing investment. Expansion, new carbon wind throughout the northeast, northwest and central plains region, a nation do carbon streak. So it will be further intensified production imbalance, carbon market will face a serious crisis.
Second, raw material prices such as petroleum coke, coal tar, carbon production costs are rising. At present, can be used for graphite electrode production of petroleum coke (especially high quality petroleum coke) is the main source of daqing, fushun and so on of a few production of low sulfur petroleum coke. No matter from the current several enterprises, the total capacity and can t have a lot of growth, more can t meet the demand of carbon graphite electrode industry growth, combined with the needle coke, available for import quantity is limited, as the Chinese carbon industry the rapid development of high power, high power, makes imports more nervous, import prices soaring, (the production of domestic needle coke is still at the trial production stage) in the production of high-end products, carbon enterprise is also facing the challenges of increasing cost pressure and competition in the market. Not long ago a carbon market seminar in suzhou, carbon products will be further growth in 2008, many companies this year have increased fixed assets investment, construction and expansion of the basic completion of the furnaces, the carbon yield will hit a record high of 2008, will further boost upstream petroleum coke and other products of a new round of price wave, experts predict, the price of petroleum coke is likely to exceed 3000 yuan/ton. In the current difficult carbon enterprise as worse.
Third, the carbon export market order confusion, vicious competition between enterprises, product prices have serious structural is not reasonable. Due to the carbon products for a long time, facing the situation of oversupply, generally belong to the buyer s market, between various enterprises to keep the user market, cautious on the price issue. Everybody would shout at a loss on the one hand, shout, on the one hand, do not hesitate to reduce profits, even poured will not drop price market risk. Industry for many years also had several meetings to discuss market, especially export price, tend to be light up dark, does not go up. According to industry statistics, in November 2007 at 350 mm general power prices only rose 6% from a year earlier, far less than the ordinary electrode manufacturing cost index s 12.8% gain. Due to the increase in the price of petroleum coke in 2007 a, electrode production costs rose 41.74%, although since this year, rising domestic graphite electrode has a certain extent, but compared to manufacturing costs increase, it is dwarfed.
Many companies trying to think through continuously expand production, to take the meager profit but high turnover means to keep enterprise s profit level, do you not know that doing so is equal to drink my thirsty. The characteristics of graphite electrode production is large, production cycle is long, slow capital turnover, belong to high risk investment industry.
In short carbon industry to continue moving forward, to continuous innovation, to place in the big environment.


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