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The main classification of carbon

Posted time:2017-03-30

Carbon is a very big very profound industry, the use of carbon products is very broad, recently, I summarize the carbon industry, the main products to share here.
Carbon industry s main products: carbon industry upstream enterprises mainly include: 1, the calcined anthracite coal enterprises; 2, coal tar processing production enterprises; 3, and calcined petroleum coke production enterprises. Carbon and graphite products.
(a) graphite electrode class
Mainly petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, calcination, ingredients, kneading, molding, baking and graphitization, machining and made, which is released in electric arc furnace in the form of arc conductor of electricity to heat melting furnace charge, according to its quality
Volume level indicator, can be divided into ordinary power, high power and high power. Graphite electrode includes:
(1) ordinary power graphite electrode. Allows the use of current density is less than 17 a/cm2 graphite electrode, it is mainly used for steelmaking, silicon smelting, refining and other common power electric furnace.
(2) the oxidation coating graphite electrode. Surface coated with a layer of oxidation layer of graphite electrode, the formation of both can conductive and resistance to high temperature oxidation protective layer, reducing electrode consumption of steel.
(3) high power graphite electrode. Allows the use of current density for 18 ~ 25 a/cm2 of graphite electrodes, mainly used for high power electric arc furnace steelmaking.
(4) high power graphite electrode. Allows the use of current density is greater than 25 a/cm2 graphite electrode. Mainly used for high power steel-making arc furnace.
(2) of graphite anode
Mainly in petroleum coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, calcination, ingredients, kneading, molding, calcination, impregnation, graphite, machining, made of. Commonly used in electrochemical industries conductive anode electrolysis equipment. Include:
(1) all kinds of chemical in anode plate.
(2) all kinds of the anode.
(3) special graphite class
Mainly by the high quality petroleum coke as raw material, coal tar or synthetic resin as binder, the raw material preparation, the ingredients, kneading, pressing, grinding and kneading, molding, roasting, multiple invasion stains, purification and graphitization, machining, made of. Commonly used in aerospace, electronics, nuclear industry sector.
It includes the spectrum pure graphite, high purity, high strength, density and pyrolytic graphite, etc.
(4) graphite heat exchanger
Will artificial graphite processed into the required shape and then made of resin impregnation and curing and no permeability graphite products for heat exchange, it is based on artificial not permeability graphite substrate processing of heat exchange equipment, mainly used in chemical industry. Include:
(1) piece of hole type heat exchanger;
(2) the radial type heat exchanger;
(3) falling film type heat exchanger;
(4) shell and tube type heat exchanger.
(5) class of carbon electrode
By the carbonaceous material such as anthracite coal and metallurgical coke coal or petroleum coke as raw material, asphalt binder, not after graphitization, after pressing forming and sintering of conductive electrode. It is not suitable for smelting high alloy steel furnace. Include:
(l) dusty electrode (use anthracite coal, metallurgical coke, pitch coke production of electrode);
(2) renewable electrode (with artificial graphite, natural graphite electrode production);
(3) carbon resistor rod (i.e., carbon checker brick);
(4) the carbon anode (with petroleum coke production of pre-baked anode);
(5) roasting electrode blank.
(6) carbon block
With anthracite coal, metallurgical coke as the main raw material, coal pitch as binder, the raw material preparation, ingredients, mixing, molding, roasting, machining, made of. The blast furnace carbon blocks as resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistant material used for lining of blast furnace lining; Carbon block, side carbon block, at the bottom of the furnace is used in aluminum electrolytic cell and ferroalloy electric furnace, etc. Include: 
(1) blast furnace carbon block;
(2) the aluminum groove carbon blocks (at the bottom of the block and side carbon block).
(3) the electric furnace carbon block.
(7) carbon paste
With petroleum coke, anthracite coal, metallurgical coke as the main raw material, made from coal pitch as binder. Some used for various continuous self baking furnace used as conductive electrode electrode paste; Some for continuous self baking aluminum groove used as conductive anode anode paste; Some packing and refractory used for blast furnace lining thick seam crack paste paste and mud. Although self baking carbon block with use of different blast furnace, but and paste products of the production process, temporarily within the paste products. Include:
(1) the anode paste;
(2) the electrode paste (including standard, non-standard electrode paste);
(3) bottom paste (including more grey, less grey paste);
(4) confined paste (including more grey, less grey confined paste);
(5) other paste (including thick seam paste, fine seam paste, self baking carbon brick, etc.).
(eight) non-standard carbon and graphite products
This means using carbon and graphite products after further processing and restructured into a variety of different carbon and graphite products. Including shovel type anode anode and a variety of specifications of the crucible, fluorine, plate, bar, piece of different products.
(9) not permeability graphite class
 This refers to the resin and various organic impregnation, processing and various graphite made of different products, including the matrix block heat exchanger.
(10) electric carbon products
This is drew, brush, and other products.


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