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Shanxi qixian yutong carbon co., LTD., from start-up to now has more than 17 years, has 17 years of entrepreneurial 17 years, wind and rain, harvest 17 years. From the initial startup of the science and technology to realize the business, we passed a struggle road paved with blood and sweat.

We thank the social from all walks of life to the full support of the yutong carbon and selfless love, thank you for hard work in various positions of dedicated employees.

A person only self-confidence and efforts to make their achievement, an enterprise. The vast business, thousand boat race. Confidence makes us in the competition and development, opportunities and challenges of environment more confidence, let us learn to down-to-earth hard and unremitting pursuit. Companies with these two points, the development of the root. It makes the enterprise in each and every one in life and work in the glaring light of humanity, wisdom, make our partners and we as one hundred times more confidence to meet the future. This is our wealth, also is our value, but also we provide customers with quality service for each motivation and beliefs. Good ideas from the excellent culture for yutong heart, is the life, as the prosperous following the virtuous, for high lead is yutong carbon sticks to the principle and goal, this is the essence of yutong carbon enterprise culture, value system is the spirit of yutong, and guides yutong through spiritual source of ten years and continue to create the future.

We are trying to create a fair competition and that is for business platform, let the people realize the value of life, of having both ability and political integrity at the same time, actively take more and more social responsibility, through improve its own performance, create greater economic benefits for the society more and more outstanding.

In the future, yutong carbon will continue to comply with the trend, seize the opportunity, change concept, pioneering and innovative, with excellent culture breeds, with mature management model, with advantages of salary incentive, together with all the colleagues yutong employees, to promote the greater development of yutong, create a new brilliance yutong career development.

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In February, 2017,


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