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Shanxi yutong carbon co., LTD., set up in 1998, and in 2000 formally operation, design the scale of production for 200000 tons (cathode bottom block through a variety of graphite content and form a complete set of products 50000 tons, 30000 tons of cathode carbon block with full graphitization, anode block, 100000 tons of graphite electrode 20000 tons)

The company sets: biotech department, business administration department, hr department, electrical and mechanical equipment, financial department, Marketing Department, quality inspection center, ministry of blast furnace burden, forming a one, two, two workshops, roasting workshop, machining workshop one, two, three.

The company covers an area of 66700 square meters, total assets of 209 million yuan, the company worker the total number of 400 people, including: there are various titles of management personnel and engineering and technical personnel 48, enterprises have export right, and in 2002 passed ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, formally issued on January 8, 2011, environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification.

My company has a joint venture graphitizing furnace, graphitization furnace of ten thousand tons.

1, have advanced production equipment and testing instruments, has pressed, roasting, machined work production line at the same time, the two dragons ensure delivery task on schedule.

2, there are suitable for your company needs the cathode of specification model, can produce, roasting, processing and delivery at any time, paste: my company has dedicated equipment for the production of paste, hair now now, nissan capacity of 60 tons.

3, graphite has many years engaged in professional work senior title of a number of scientific research personnel and enterprise management system perfect, certification is complete, the quality monitoring system in place.

4, yutong company has a history of more than ten years of research and development, and has rich experience in export trade.

5, yutong site away from the railway station HuoYunShi qixian hundred meters (yards), of yutong in taiyuan railway bureau for the record, qixian station is equipped with yutong goods special issue, the company subordinate trucks also have their own logistics center team, guarantee supplied goods, such as the amount to the buyer's destination on time.

6, ensure the pre-sale, sale, after-sales business, technology, services in place, can stand between the user long-term tracking supervision and inspection.


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